Marylène Eyral French Master Embroiderer

Art embroidery, used mainly in Haute Couture like Chanel, Dior… but also for interior design or the creation of jewels and accessories is the art of embellishing fabrics with a needle or the Lunéville hook, with all kinds of materials such as cotton thread, silk, beads, sequins, Swarovski crystals, raffia, chenille, leather but also all that is available on our earth: shells, seeds … Today, in order to protect the environment, Marylène Eyral also embroiders materials that she recycles from plastics or metals. Embroidery is a traditional art which, when embellished with new techniques, allows for the creation of very modern works, where there are no limits and anything is possible. If you would also like to learn this art, or if you require samples to carry out one of your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Studio Eyral is aimed at stylists, textile designers and anyone wishing to wear a beautiful embroidered accessory or to learn embroidery.