Marylène Eyral, trained embroiderer and certified secondary teacher.

Born in Lyon, the silk capital of France, Marylène Eyral, whose grandfather was a silkmaker, began to learn traditional embroidery with her mother at an early age.

During her 6 years in Germany, she learnt Hardanger embroidery. Once back in France, she went on to perfect her mastery of traditional stitches for 2 years as well as white work (Richelieu and English embroidery), but also tatting under the guidance of a master-embroiderer in France.

Moving to Reunion Island, she acquired new skills: Cilaos embroidery and embroidery from Madagascar.

Later, she discovered the world of beads and sequins and the perfect marriage between traditional embroidery and limitless creativity: Haute Couture embroidery. Faithful to her origins in Lyon, she learnt from Elisabeth Roulleau to work on different materials and to use the Luneville hook, a technique used since the 19th century in France to quickly apply beads and sequins.

She joined the “Ecole des Beaux Arts du Fil” in Paris under the direction of Claire Liotta, former embroiderer and sample maker at the workshops of Lesage, Vermont and Montex, the quintessence of Parisian embroidery.

She obtained the CAP diploma in “art embroidery”, the precious key allowing her to gain access to work in a Parisian Haute Couture embroidery workshop; she gained official recognition as an art embroiderer.

She then diversified by exploring other horizons: gold embroidery, Anglo-Saxon creative embroidery and mixed media with Nikki Delport-Wepener and Leslie Turpin-Delport, perfecting her skills in silk ribbon embroidery with Annisa Lam who transmitted Di Van Niekerk’s teachings to her and studying Reticello with Giulana Buonpadre.

She multiplied her international and artistic encounters both in the field of embroidery with the famous Ina Statescu and in textile art with Sophie Furbeyre, the creation of jewels embroidered in soutache with Miriam Shimon and Larissa Novak, learning felting and Nuno felting with Debbie Leung and Leslie Turpin-Delport and beadwork with Lana May and Olga Haserodt as well as the basic Chinese knots.

During her extensive travels in Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia or Vietnam), she became familiar with other techniques and fabrics and passed on her knowledge to art students at the French International School of Hong Kong.

In 2016, she founded the company “Studio Eyral” which works for private clients, creates samples for designers and teaches Haute Couture embroidery in Hong Kong and Asia.